Private Training

It’s all about you!

One of our certified, personal trainers will design an fitness program for you to specifically meet your personal goals. Pre-screening of health history, prior injuries and any limitations are addressed during the program design. Depending on your need your program could include one or all of the following: full body strength training to increase metabolism, muscle strength, endurance, core stability and balance training. Stretching for flexibility and cardio for heart health.

Partner Training

Double the fun with a buddy!

Bond with your significant other, daughter, son or friend while you get in shape together under the guidance of one of our certified personal trainer! Cardio, strength training, core stabilization exercises, and stretching are twice the fun when you share it with someone.

Semi-Private Training

There is strength in numbers!

Semi-private training sessions are more than just an economic alternative to one-on-one training. It is a training program that gives you the flexibility to chose the best time to train for you and keeps the cost down. We will progress each of you at your own pace so that individuals with different levels of fitness will be challenged appropriately during their training sessions. Fitness goals, prior injuries and/or health considerations are all considered in the design of each training session. We’ve found that by training with others, you get additional motivation. Check out our semi-private schedule below.

Do you have your own group and wish to book a session time? Give us a call.

Semi-Private Schedule

Semi Private Schedule

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