Success Stories

My “New Life Journey” started a little over a 3 ½ year ago and I am still at it. I had had a heart attack 7 years ago. Although my diet changes and walking were helping and I had lost some weight, I found it was not enough.

My daughter Caitlin had mentioned a class she was doing at Fitness Powers. She said class size was small and it was fun, I should try one. So off I went to join Courtney on Monday nights for spinning, cardio and whatever else she could do in an hour. Courtney was very kind to me, changing exercises if they bothered my back, telling me to do what I could. In the beginning, I could barely make it through the class. I persevered, Courtney persevered, encouraged with kind words. Suddenly, I realized I was having fun! It became a habit. Even if I was exhausted after work, I wouldn’t miss a class. I couldn’t let myself down, I wouldn’t let Courtney down.

I became confident enough to venture into another class, “The Biggest Loser”. I learned a lot about nutrition. Tracy and Julie worked us hard, pushed us. Each week was harder, but each week became easier. I was happier.  I felt great and had made a lot of new friends.

Over the 3 1/2 years, I have lost weight and found muscles I didn’t know I had. I feel better, have so much more energy, have gained confidence. ( I actually just bought leggings!). I don’t tire after exercise like I did before.

My family Dr and Cardiologist were thrilled when I “aced” my stress test.

Exercise has now become a habit, I have to do it! I know I need to do more.

I have come a long way with my wonderful caring instructors:

Courtney-for smiling at me and in an enthusiastic voice  saying “look! you couldn’t do that 6 months ago”

Julie-for listening to us, being so caring and encouraging us to just try, and then try a little more.

Tracy- who has helped me on my long journey…when I said “No I can’t”, smiled her little smile and said “Yes you can, and you will!”

So at 63 ears of age I have walked/run the Women’s ½ of a half, sweated it out in Bootcamp, danced away in a Zumba and Country heat class, P90X live, 50 Shades of Fitness, Essentrics, cycled, Piloga Powers and now BellyFit. You named it I have tried it. What a blast!

What’s in store for me in the future? Whatever life and the girls throw me! If you are thinking about fitness and are afraid to take that first step just remember…We all have to start somewhere. Once you walk through that door you become part of a family that cares. Come join me. I really encourage you to!

Thank You, all my love, Steph

My favourite saying- Winners never quit, Quitters never win & I found my Core at 60!