I FEEL LIKE I AM ACTUALLY GETTING STRONGER. I anticipated that with exercise I might slow the aging process and at best I would hold my own. However, by taking your fitness classes over the last two years, I feel I am actually getting stronger – something I did not expect at my age. Each fall, I need to bring our dock on shore and up the grade to protect it from the lake ice. The dock we use was the one I built 40 years ago, and since it has not become any lighter (except for a miniscule amount of rust flaking), it serves as a benchmark for fitness. This year, I thought the job was actually easier than it was 10 years ago. Of course, it could be due to a deteriorating memory rather than improved strength, but I don't think so.
Doug Knight
TRACY POWERS IS MORE THAN JUST A FITNESS INSTRUCTOR. Her philosophy is very holistic and her focus is on personal development and wellness.  She and her staff make an effort to know their clients and provide a personal touch to every workout.  Fitness Powers is not your average gym.  Be prepared to be inspired and see a difference in your overall health."
Alexandra V. Mayeski